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We can say that breast asymmetry occurs when there is a difference in size, volume or breast shape.
Breast asymmetry is also called an uneven arrangement of nipples towards each other or a difference in their volume.
Breast asymmetry is a very common situation in young girls, as well as women. Most womens' breasts are not perfectly equal, very often they are asymmetric (physiological asymmetry), however, the difference is small and usually this does not cause a problem.

The reasons that cause breast asymmetry also include (less frequently occurring):

  • curvature of the spine
  • cancer
  • birth defects
  • scleroderma
  • fibroma adenoma
  • abscess of the nipple
  • large weight loss
  • breast-feeding
  • surgical intervention

A slight asymmetry of the bust is usually not a problem for a woman. If the difference is large often it is related to the discomfort of a woman, psychological problems appear, the woman does not accept herself.
If the asymmetry of the bust is the result of the disease, which is the main cause, it should be dealt with first.
In other cases, if there are no contraindications, the breast asymmetry can be corrected using the surgeon's intervention.

There are several possibilities, always the most optimal solution must be chosen only after consulting a doctor, based on the actual situation (enlargement of smaller breasts, reduction if needed, use of implants, or possibly breast lift).


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