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We all need dental treatment, even for basic filling replacement or thorough cleaning from time to time, but very often poor dental care and bad eating habits (such as too much sugar in a daily diet, eating late without brushing teeth, not using irrigator etc) may unfortunately result in a need of seeing the dentist for more complicated procedures.

This may cause a variety of conditions and let's hope that for some it won't be too late to save their teeth. The teeth may decay, loosen, change their white colour or shape due to excessive teeth grinding, acidic diet or the presence of plaque (a sticky white/yellow deposit on teeth in which bacteria priliferate). In such cases you might be a candidate for dental crown treatment to restore affected teeth, however as we all know dental treatment in the UK/Ireland can be quite expensive and we are aware that more an more people consider choosing dental treatment abroad. Not only people travel abroad becasue it's chepaer, however they realize that the level of medicine, especially in Poland, is high. Polish dentists constantly improve their skills and medical knowledge, what puts our country, we can proudly say, at the top of European countries, offering patients best quality services and care.

We prepared this article for you in order to show you what dentistry in Poland looks like and what could be the advantages and disadvantages of going abroad for treatment, and what is more important here, why Poland should be the top on your list of possible dental treatment destination!

We understand that not everybody is willing to travel and there are many fears people have before deciding on going abroad for the treatment. But we would like to maybe convince you a bit and make your mind once and for all that there is nothing to be scared of and our staff here in Poland will look after you during your stay and make sure you feel happy and comfortable.

Let's start from what DENTAL CROWNS really are!

Crowns in dentistry are permanent prosthetic solutions that are used to cover damaged tooth, strenghten it, improve its function, shape, cover discolorations or imperfections, or replace a tooth that is missing. In short: the crowns have many great functions and serve to improve aesthetics of your teeth!

The list of when they are necessary is long and you need them to:

cover a missing tooth or replace it,
cover discolorations or imperfections,
cover damaged tooth,
strengten your teeth,
improve the function of your teeth
cover misshapen tooth
improve aesthetics of your teeth

Unfortunately dental crowns cannot be used in every case. If the root of the tooth is damaged or entire tooth is decayed or weak, dental crowns will not help solve these problems!

Very often we hear name like porcelain bridge.... what it really is?

The porcelain bridge is nothing more than a few porcelain crowns, permanently connected to each other, in other words it is a set of several crowns next to each other. It covers the gaps caused by missing teeth and helps improve the overall appearance of your teeth and face.

'I would like to book an appointment in your clinic. How long would I need to stay in Poland for?'

Dental crown treatment involve 2-3 visits in a dental office. If we do receive x ray pantomograpfic picture from a patient before the arrival, it does make things much easier and we can plan the treatment earlier. Otherwise such picture will be taken upon the arrival. This picture is very necessary for the doctor. It helps assess any possible problems with teeth and their roots, nerves but it is also needed for taking impressions for a temporary crowns.

So the first visit is always assessing x ray picture, treating teeth that require it (all teeth MUST BE healthy in order to be crowned!!!), taking impressions, preparing the teeth for the crowns (grinding of the teeth) and fitting the temporary denture.

The dentist might need to see the patient one more time if necessary.

The last and the most pleasant visit is after a minimum of 7 days, since the first one, is for the permanent fititng of new beautiful teeth!

In some cases, if extractions involved (depending on the situation), the dentist might need to complete the treatment in more stages (longer treatment) the time for healing the gums after the extraction is around 3-4 weeks. The impressions then are taken after this time passes and this would involve a total time ot 4 5 weeks. Therefore we would like to emphasis on the importance of sending x ray picture before a planned appointment abroad, to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

What are the crowns made of:

PORCELAIN CROWN ON METAL BASE (Porcelain-fused to metal)

The metal used to make the skeleton of such crown ensures its long durability. The disadvantage of this solution is grey colour of the metal which is inside the crown. Porcelain material is always on the outside, therefore such crown is a white colour of course! This is a cheaper solution than other materials.


As before, the outer layer (the visible one) is porcelain but the skeleton of such crown, however is made of zirconium. Its advantage over the metal is white colour and better transmition of the light. They have a very high aesthetics and they perfectly imitate natural teeth! The price of zirconium is higher.

ALL PORCELAIN CROWN (Metal-free crowns)

These are entirely porcelain crowns, both their base and outer part. They are also called metal-free crowns, due to the lack of metal in their composition. They imitate natural teeth as zirconium. They are usually used in recostruction of front teeth, as they are not as strong as 2 previous types.

In most cases porcelain crowns can serve patients for very long years. However, sometimes, under unfavorable conditions, unfortunately their "viability" can be significantly reduced. The worst factors affecting the condition of crowns and bridges are: bruxism, incorrect occlusion and inadequate oral hygiene.

About what kind of crowns will be suitable for a particular patient decides primarily the doctor and the patient of course, when visiting a dental office, because everything really depends on the patient's oral cavity situation and on its financial capabilities.

Why to go abroad for dental crowns? Why to choose Poland? There are a few important reasons, such as the best quality dental clinics and doctors that constantly train and study dental sector, imporving their knowledge and skills. They really know what are the patients's needs.

The visit are nice and fully professional, but nowadays even painless. Polish dentists are not ones to be scared of:)!

Poland is in top European countries when considering the evel of medicine and treatment.

A very important factor is of course cheap and more affordable prices in Poland. Dental teatment in the UK and Ireland in nearly the most expensive in Europe. For example: Porcelain Fused crowns (typical dental crown cost UK L500-L800 per tooth dentist work included) and All Ceramic Crowns (typical dental crown cost UK cost L800-L900 per tooth dentist work included)!!! If we look at Poland, we are on the second place among the cheapest in Europe (but not of less quality). Prices are even 70% lower than in the UK or Norway.

Another reason that will encourage you is quick and cheap travael to Poland. No stress at all, our memebers of staff collect patients and transfer them to the hotel and clinics for the treatment!

Apart from being quick, close, high quality and cheap a very important reason is that POLAND provides great variety of dental treatment!!! Do not wait any longer and book your appointment today!

Cons of getting dental crown treatment abroad

1. There are of course a few disatvantages of having dental treament abroad and first would be, too great or much too cheap bargains or deals. You need to remember the the majority of the price you pay for the material that your teeth are being made of. Taking into consideration that the price you get might even not cover the usual material you might expect some surprises upon your arrival or what's worse after you get your new teeth!

With Doctor Poland we offer a free e-consultation service to let you know exactly what your treatment plan could look like, to gove you options of what would be the best for you and just to discuss every details with you before you decide to book appointment!

2. Language barrier sometimes you are not aware that you book appoitment with a doctor who does not speak your language at all and how to explain what you need and your doubts? Isn't is too risky and what someting goes wrong?

At Doctor Poland staff is fluent in English, Italian, German and Polish of course:), therefore there are no issues with communication. But also our doctors do speak English!

3. Not all dental tourism destinations offer affordable flights, the flights might be way to long or they are not on daily basis, which might a be a huge inconvience in case someone will need to return home immediately!

Not such a problem in Poland. Flight to from Poland are on a daily basis (even 2-3 times a day), there are a few airports available close to our clinics which makes things even easier to travel. Flights are cheap and quick. Many flights to all European cities but also outside of Europe!

As you see it is not neither scary nor hard to get your new smile in Poland. We invite you to contact us on or call/whats upp on +447365628085 for any information! Our members of staff are always willing to assist! We hope to hear from you and see you in Poland!


Why in Poland?

Why to choose us for your plastic surgery and dental treatment

1. The costs of the treatment significantly lower than in the UK, without reducing its quality (experienced, professional doctors and hospitals/clinics equipped with the newest technology devices and machines).

2. Reduced waiting time for the procedures with all inclusive packages available.

3. Very convenient travel with direct flights from all over the Europe (and World!) - only less than 2 hours flight from the UK.

4. Perfect place for post-operative recovery with many touristic and quiet places. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

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