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Why to choose Italy as a destination for dental treatment? The answer is simple Italy is a beautiful country with some classical origins, warm climate and charming and always happy people. It is bordered by France, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland so you just cannot miss 'a big shoe' on the map. Italy is not only famous by being 'pretty' but also by providing top quality healthcare services. High quality and experienced dentists and implantologists wait for the patients to deliver best dental treatment. Have you always wanted to visit Italy? Now it is easier than before - you can combine spending some nice quality time in the heart of Italy Milan, with some dental work that needs to be done...

Looking good and having a beutiful smile has always been a high priority for the Italians (probably therefore they ALWAYS smile:)) and the country is now becoming a popular centre for dental treatment. What is even more important, with just short flight from the UK and Ireland you can be visiting Italy with breathtaking beauty and high quality healthcare and receive excellent dental consultations and all types of competetively priced treatment.

Coming to Italy for dental treatment may be a very good and affordable option for patients from abroad. The cost of dental treatment in Italy can be up to 50% less than prices in private dental practices in the UK.

Of course everybody wants to look for low costs treatments and that is understandable, but please always remember to consider high quality and experience. Our implantologist dr Paolo Biondi in Milan might the doctor you have been looking for.

Please see his qualifications and expernience here:

1985: Dental Technician Diploma at the "Ovidio Dental Professional Institute" - Monza

1986: Diploma of professional dental maturity at the "Professional Institute for Dental Technicians" with 48/60 voting Bergamo

1994: Degree in MEDICINE and SURGERY at the "University of Studies" with full marks and honors - Milan

2000: Specialization in MAXILLO-FACIAL SURGERY at the "University of Studies" with full marks and honors - Milan

Work experience:

1992-1994: Assistant as "Doctor Graduating" at the University Department in the Italian Stomatological Institute

1994-1995: Attendance as "Specializing physician" with duties as assistant in training (Law 257/91) at the Maxillo-Facial surgery department in the Italian Stomatological Institute

1995-1997: Attendance as "Specializing physician" with duties as assistant in training (Law 257/91) at the University Department of the Odontoiatric Clinic of the University of Milan in the Clinical Specialization Institutes

1997-2000: Attendance as "Specializing physician" with duties as assistant in training (Law 257/91) at the Maxillofacial Surgery department of the Carlo Poma Hospital in Mantua

Since 2001 he has been practicing as an Implantologist and Oral-Maxillofacial-Dental Implantologist with particular interest in post-extraction implantology with immediate loading, also through the use of inclined implants (All On Four technique) and CAD CAM technology and to osteorigeneration with autologous bone removal.

Scientific activity He has participated in numerous national and international conferences as a speaker on topics about Osteorigeneration, Osseintegration, Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry. In June 2005 he received the third prize at the World Conference Nobel Biocare held in Las Vegas USA, with the poster communication titled 'Immediate loading in the edentulous mandibles with all on four technique'.

In October 2006 he received the first and third prize at the Nobel Biocare World Tour Conference held in Rimini, with the poster communication entitled 'Rehabilitation with immediate loading of the upper jaw with the use of inclined implants: Technique V TWO V' ( first prize) and 'Immediate load with fixed prosthesis in the lower and / or superior edentulousness according to the technique All On four: Limit Cases' (third prize).

In October 2008 he participated in the poster session at the Nobel Biocare World Tour Conference held in Rimini, with the poster communication entitled 'Load immed in post-extractive sites with Nobel Active implants'.

From 2005 to 2008 he was a Mentor (instructor) for the Implantare Nobel Biocare

Since 2009 he has collaborated with the Phibo plant to develop the Four Concept and Digital Four Concept techniques. He has published in the main national and international magazines.

We have got to know the doctor just now so let's just compare some prices, to give you a better view what is offered in Milan.
It is very common and known that costs of dental treatment in the UK and Ireland are the most expensive in Europe ('Independent 2010'). The price may vary for each country or region, and sometimes there are some additional costs of extra visits not included. In the US the cost of the procedure may be between 12.00 and 15.000 USD per jaw. In Europe the price of All-on-4Ⓒ treatment varies by country. In the UK the cost is comparable to US and the price can go up to 11.500 GBP per jaw. In Germany the price may reach 10.500 EUR.
In our office in Milan, you can get All on 4 done (fixed prosthesis on 4 implants) for only 4900 GBP (5700 EUR), which includes consultation, the treatment, 3 nights in the hotel and transfers airport-clinic-hotel. And what you get extra is of course ITALY and its beauty:)!


Why in Poland?

Why to choose us for your plastic surgery and dental treatment

1. The costs of the treatment significantly lower than in the UK, without reducing its quality (experienced, professional doctors and hospitals/clinics equipped with the newest technology devices and machines).

2. Reduced waiting time for the procedures with all inclusive packages available.

3. Very convenient travel with direct flights from all over the Europe (and World!) - only less than 2 hours flight from the UK.

4. Perfect place for post-operative recovery with many touristic and quiet places. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

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