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Why in Poland?

How were we able to reduce prices so that every customer could use our services?

It is very simple, where possible, we have significantly reduced costs (surgery organisation) without underestimating the quality. Each treatment is performed by a qualified medical staff in fully equipped clinics and hospitals.

Nowadays, the price depends on many factors, the most important of which, is the place where the surgery is performed.
As you know, it will be much more expensive in larger cities, where the standard of living is at a much higher level. The prices we offer depend mainly on the size of the surgery performed, as well as the areas that have been operated.
We do realise the fact that nowadays, we constantly hear about the international financial crisis and at every step you try save money.
For us, it is not offensive to define our company as 'cheaper' because what characterizes us is the low cost of services with the quality remained at the highest global level.

Almost every day we receive a lot of calls from potential customers very pleasantly surprised by the low price and excellent service we offer. We realize that many people save over the years to be able to undergo surgery, therefore we treat every patient with full respect.

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