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we present how does a porcelain crown fit on a tooth

Porcelain crowns, as we already mentioned on our website, can be made on metal, porcelain (all-porcelain or all-ceramic) or Zirconia base.

What determines the price of individual solutions and why the differences are so significant?

Undoubtedly, if you already have been looking for different prices of different types of crowns, you must have noticed that they differ from one another significantly. The more teeth patient has for reconstruction, the more noticeable those differences will become. If there is a need for all teeth reconstruction, the differences in prices for individual solutions vary by up to several thousands.

Why is it like this? What determines such different prices of crowns depending on their base?

It may seem that the main influence on the price has the choice of the material that a given crown is made of.

However, this might not be this case exactly…

For sure, the most important factor that determines the price of the porcelain crowns is the WORK that prosthetist must put in making crowns.

A cheaper solution is are porcelain-fused-to metal crowns (PFM). They are very solid and durable. They can be used in the entire mouth regardless of the place. They do not require such workload as others crowns from the prosthetic point of view.
More expensive, however, are the all-porcelain crowns - due to the material used for their construction (they do not contain material - they’re all-porcelain), but particularly due to the work and time that prosthetic needs to devote in order to make this type of crown (the price of the crowns on Zirconia base is not much different).

There are many questions, quite right after all, ‘If I have to pay (not a low price), won’t it be better to invest a bit more money and to have all-porcelain crowns fitted, that is, aesthetically the most beautiful?’ We always answer that in our opinion there is no sense whatsoever, to have all-porcelain crowns in the entire mouth!!!
First of all, teeth on all-porcelain crowns are very neat and good looking of course, they stimulate a natural smile, however they are not as durable!

Therefore we never recommend such solution, even if the patient does insist - we try to dissuade him from this idea, to use all-porcelain crowns on lateral teeth. All-porcelain crown should not be used in those points, purely because they can break. The forces, which are applied on the lateral teeth everyday during chewing, are too strong for all-porcelain crowns to bear.
Secondly, in our humble opinion, lateral teeth are not so visible, even when smiling wide, why then pay for them a double price?
From our point of view, all-porcelain crowns perfectly fit in the most visible places of the mouth and in those exposed to ‘lighter’ loads - particularly from ‘3’ to ‘3’.

It is obvious that not every case is the same, and not every solution will be perfect for every patient, therefore all issues should be discussed with your doctor. However please do have it in mind, if any stomatologist recommends using all-porcelain crowns in ‘the entire mouth’, we do suggest that you double think this decision…

If you need a more complicated reconstruction, a few or a dozen or so crowns, please feel free to email us and ask for the quote!

We definitely guarantee that the prices will positively surprise you!

As an example we do give you the price of porcelain-fused-to metal crown in one of our clinic: from 150 GBP , all-ceramic option (non-metal) costs from 190 GBP (the costs of crowns fitted on patients teeth).
We look forward to hearing from you!


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