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we present a picture with porcelain bridge on zirconia

At the beginning, just for the reminder: neither Zirconia crowns nor Zirconia bridges exist. The crowns and bridges are always porcelain, while the material used for their base (as their frame) might be zirconium (possibly metal or porcelain).
Recently, more and more people look for information regarding zirconium - the material currently used for implementation of dental crown (more exactly, their inner part), and a few years ago still unknown. Why, therefore, the material began to be used by doctors? What is so special about zirconium that is has been nowadays desired and searched by patients? This question could be easily answered by the Swiss doctors, who were the first (just before 2000 year) to use and implement zirconium as a material possible in medicine.

Let's analyze then what are the unquestionable advantages of zirconium:

- First and particularly important advantage for patients, is a very natural effect given by application of crowns on the Zirconia base,
- Second advantage is durability of zirconium: porcelain crown on the Zirconia base is much more durable (can withstand heavier loads) than all-porcelain crown (non-metal), therefore it can be used for reconstruction of the missing teeth anywhere in the oral cavity,
- Third advantage of the crowns on the Zirconia base is the way they reflect the light - exactly the same as natural adjacent natural teeth!
It is known that not every solution is perfect for every patient, however crowns/bridges on the Zirconia base are a great connection of high aesthetic and durability.

Nowadays the downside of this solution is the is however relatively expensive, therefore due to this reason, an optimal choice would be going for a 'mixed' solution, which means an implementation of porcelain bridges on the Zirconia base on the front teeth (most visible place). Lateral teeth, on the other hand, which even with a wide smile are not so visible, could be easily made of porcelain-fused-to metal dental crown - very permanent solution but not as highly aesthetic as one discussed above, and its price is half lower.

Has the discussed material any disadvantages, if so, what kind of?

Main disadvantage of this solution, as we already mentioned, is the price. We do not mean here the price of material itself, because it is comparable to others, but what we mean is prosthetics work and time, which is necessary for making a crown on the Zirconia base, as he requires much more time to make one.

One more important thing - many patients when considering zirconium think it is not metal (white colour). It is not true, zirconium despite having white colour, belongs to the group of transition metals!

In conclusion, the point is:

The cost of the implant + crown on the Zirconia base is:

800 GBP in Ledziny (near Myslowice)

900 GBP in Czestochowa

The cost of the porcelain crown on the Zirconia base is:

200 GBP in Ledziny

250 GBP in Czestochowa

Porcelain bridge, 12 points on 6 implants: 6 200 GBP (on zirconium base)

Porcelain bridge, 12 points on 8 implants: 7 000 GBP (on zirconium base)

(the price involves an implant implantation + porcelain bridge)

They are really low prices, which can be easily checked by comparing our prices with others.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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