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we present a picture with dental implant and how they work

Let's start with a good news: nowadays almost everyone can think about implantation.
Only a small group of people with specific medical conditions is not eligible for implantological procedures within the oral cavity. Implants have currently become procedures the most often performed on the agenda and even patients with significant bone atrophy after a certain 'medical preparation' can proceed to the procedure of implanting the implants in the oral cavity.

Below we will explain what this 'medical preparation' means and what treatments can be given to patients with bone atrophy so that they can be implanted with dental implants.

This article is not of a medical nature, we only want to present to patients what possibilities are currently waiting for them, which guarantees the progress of medicine and its very high level. This information is very useful, especially for those patients, who a few years ago already consulted the implantologist and were not qualified for the procedure. Much has changed since then! Letís see how?!

Currently, the problem of bone loss can be solved in several ways:

1. Bone augmentation, sometimes carried out simultaneously with the sinus lift.

This technique can be used simultaneously with the procedure of implanting implants, if speaking about a single lack of a tooth or missing several teeth, but lost in the recent past, then the atrophy should not be large. In this method, during implant surgery, a biomaterial is implanted around the implant, which is designed to stimulate bone tissue for regeneration and growth, thanks to which after a certain time it will transform into 100% bone tissue that 'seals the implant tightly' and perfectly stabilizes.
Biomaterial implanted in the proximity of implants is a biocompatible material, which means that it is 100% tolerated by the human body.
The only negative aspect of this method is the fact that sometimes the procedure has to be divided into two stages: firstly, perform the bone augmentation, and only after some time take care of the implantation of the implants.

In case of patients who have been wearing a removable prosthesis for a number of years and the loss of bone tissue is significant, it may be necessary to lift the bottom of the sinus, so-called sinus lift, in order to be able to safely and securely implant the implants. In such patients the duration of the whole procedure is significantly longer and is counted in months.
However, keep in mind that this final effect is the most important - for many people the possibility of having teeth again, eating normally and smiling are worth the months of waiting.

2. Autogenic bone graft (from the patient's own bone)

Autograft is a transplant of the patient's own bone, taken from the area of low aesthetic importance.
From the biological and immunological point of view, this is a very good solution because we use our own tissues. Many patients, however, are not convinced about this method, because it involves an additional procedure of bone removal, from the mandible or from outside of it, eg from the hip bone plate, where pain might occur, the time of the whole procedure is significantly prolonged and costs increase.

However, as before, it is often the patient's priority to regain 'wholesome' teeth (both in terms of function and aesthetics), so they are able to accept the above-mentioned conditions. An alternative to a patient's own bone graft can be a bone graft from an animal.

3. Bone regeneration using synthetic material.

In this method, a synthetic material (bred in the laboratory) is used for bone augmentation. The procedures are similar to the process of bone augmentation using biomaterial.

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