Dentistry abroad : Why yes ?

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Dental tourism is growing really fast. Going abroad to get high-quality private dental treatment is increasingly popular nowadays, whereas in the past was only an option for rich and famous. Now, with low and affordable dental costs in Europe, everyone can take advantage of going abroad to get their new perfect smile, not a removable one, but fixed, permanent new teeth looking all natural. Of course there are different options, some more expensive, some cheaper, more durable or less. Our experienced, proffesional and what is more important honest doctors/implantogists will issue an opinion of what is the best solution for each individual patient.

Modern, high-quality treatment is available in Europe at prices significantly lower than at home, and many people now decide to combine their dental treatment with holiday, just getting away from work and busy, rapid life to make their dream about new smile come true. Popular procedures include cosmetic and restorative dental techniques and methods, such as dental implants, crowns and bridges, veneers, porcelain and zirconia materials, teeth whitening, orthodontic braces and All on 4 with Toronto Bridge prosthesis.

Why to go abroad? Why to Poland with us?

There are a few very important reasons why to choose dental treatment abroad, especially in Poland. First of them is that the clinics and doctors that we cooperate with are of the highest quality, constantly improving their skills and medical knowledge. They know what are the patients' needs, adapt the treatment plan so that it works perfectly to people from abroad, they are honest and listen to every individual requirement with professional approach.
Years ago dental treatment was something what scared the most. The word 'dentist' did not associate too well and even for fearless and brave adults was something they did want to see and moreover go through:). Today? Not such problem anymore. The visits are nice, painless and memorable now. Doctors do not scare anymore but they welcome us with a bright smile, shiny and painfree equipment and they just want to everything they can to help. Our Polish doctors have a great level of knowledge, what puts our country at the top of European countries, offering patients best quality services and care. Not only dentists speak English fluently, but the medical staff as well, therefore, there is no more language barrier anymore so that you will feel calm and comfortable at our dental office.

Second, but very important, reason is of course cheap and more affordable prices in Poland. It is very common and known that costs of dental treatment in the UK are the most expensive in Europe ('Independent' 2010). For example, a price of a single dental implant in the UK can cost upwards of 2000 GBP. If we look at Poland, we are on the second place among the cheapest in Europe (but not of less quality). Prices are even 70% lower than in the UK or Norway. The reason is that the costs of labour is relatively low here. Even adding the costs of our all-inclusive offers with accommodation, flights, transfers and our care as a whole package, can still work out cheaper than private dental treatment in the UK, especially when you can make fee-free international transfers.

The next reason will definitely encourage you to try with us. Quick and cheap travel to Poland! Thanks to that our dental clinics are located in major cities in Poland, our patients can travel with no stress now and easily reach to their desired location. What is also important our clinics are just 'round the corner' from the airports. As you can see, not only the treatment will be satisfying and more affordable, but the travel to get here, much more convenient and very often, cheaper than traveling withing the UK. Direct flights from the UK to Poland last less than 2 hours one way, patients are collected from the airport straight to the hotel, later to the dental office for the treatment. What is not attractive here? Nothing, right?! Quick, close, high-quality and cheap! Reason number 4 is as important as all the above great variety of dental treatment in Poland! Our dentists are trained and experienced to provide all the dental services treatment invented to improve the health condition of your teeth and bring back your perfect smile. Varied methods and techniques are offered to our patients for teeth restoration, such as dental implants, dental crowns and bridges. Procedures performed with the use of the latest and safest technology, such as All on 4, All on 5, All on 6 or simply just smaller wishes to improve the appearance of your teeth (veeners, teeth whitetning, thorough cleaning) and more.

In life not everything is not always perfect! What are the minuses of dental treatment abroad and what to consider before going abroad?

1. When choosing dental treatment abroad please remember to research the clinic/doctor/company responsible for your treatment. See their qualifications, check their reviews or feedback of others. Dentists in Poland must train for at least 7 years before they begin to practise (including 2 years of clinical experience). They are regulated by the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, with whom they must be registered in order to practice legally. Our dentists contantly broaden their medical horizons and sacrifice their time to learn new techniques or skills. Their knowledge is constantly up-to-date with what's new and they train to meet the highest standards and just to be the best in their field.

2. It is essential to have initial dental consultation. A patient who does not have the opportunity to attend a consultation visit is ALWAYS asked to take and send to us either pantomographic X-RAY picture or computed tomography (CT SCAN). Only based on that the dentists/implantologists preparr preliminary treatment plan and estimate costs of the treatment. There are some individual cases, of course, that X-RAY pictures can be taken onsite but please bear in mind that clinics that bypasses it or do not ask for it at all should be avoided. Please remember sending a picture does not cost you anything and you might realize that treatment plan offered to you is much cheaper than in your country it is always WORTH trying and searching for better solutions.

3. Make sure you do not choose a clinic that is on the other end of the world. Sometimes people do not realize that some dental procedure require more than one visit. Of course nowadays it is not such problem to jump on the plane and within less than 3 hours you can see your doctor in Poland for your next visit, which is usually short and you can treat it as getting away from your busy life for a day or two. We are honest with our patients and they know beforehand their treatment plan, the costs and accommodation and the number of vsits required for the procedure in order to succeed. They take everything into consideration and if they're happy with the plan, we take it from there then and take care of everything while they stay for the treatment in Poland. We recommend that you travel to the place that is as close as possible to your home country. Not only will this save you money, but it will make it much easier to see your dentist for follow ups or check ups after your treatment is completed.

4. Some procedures might be too complicated or too long to choose an overseas clinic. We ALWAYS inform about it and advise to look for the treatment in your home country, due to safety reasons. Please remember, it is never an easy decision to make, therefore, if you feel like something is wrong and some clinics promise you impossible miracles, just be more cautios and maybe get another opinion.

5. We could mention here a language barrier as a minus, however that is not a barrier anymore. Almost every doctor now can speak English and communicate with the patient about their treatment plan. Our staff is trained to 'dental' English language as well:)!

6. Some people fear from travelling far, as they have never been abroad. We understand it, therefore, we do our best to make not only your treatment but also travel minimally inconvenient. We offer help and useful tips when booking flights, or moreover we help in booking them. We collect patients straight from the airport and deliver them to the hotel and our dental clinics. Flights from the UK to Poland takes only 2 hours by plane! We are aware that the travel might be a bit scary and bothering, but please remember our staff is 100% for you and we will do our best to show you that you do not need feel any discomfort when thinking of traveling abroad, especially when such great, high-quality and affordables offers are available for you.


Why in Poland?

Why to choose us for your plastic surgery and dental treatment

1. The costs of the treatment significantly lower than in the UK, without reducing its quality (experienced, professional doctors and hospitals/clinics equipped with the newest technology devices and machines).

2. Reduced waiting time for the procedures with all inclusive packages available.

3. Very convenient travel with direct flights from all over the Europe (and World!) - only less than 2 hours flight from the UK.

4. Perfect place for post-operative recovery with many touristic and quiet places. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

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