Telescopic prostheses

we present a graphic with fixed dentrue with implants placement

Telescopic prostheses are a complement to the restoration of lost teeth with the simultaneous rehabilitation of the chewing apparatus. This type of restoration is intended for people with residual dentition or for toothless patients (implant-based telescopic prosthesis).

Telescopic prostheses are based on a system of double crowns: one of them is permanently cemented on a previously ground and prepared tooth of the patient (in the mouth) or an implant (in the case of complete lack of teeth), while the outer crown is in the prosthesis (connects the denture with the pillar tooth - a tooth of a patient equipped with the inner crown).
Both crowns have parallel walls and overlap each other, and their adhesion can be compared to the adherence of two glass-plates between which there is water, where the crowns = glass tiles, water = saliva of the patient.
Such connections are characterized by very high retention, thanks to which the prosthesis is very well placed and there is no fear that it will fall out in a public place. This solution provides a good load on the pillar teeth and the stability of the dentures during chewing.

The undoubted advantages of telescopic prostheses are:

  • the ability to preserve and use the remaining dentition of the patient, which is not suitable for other types of solutions (roots, teeth),
  • the pillar protection (inner crown protects against caries),
  • good distribution of forces during chewing,
  • easy to maintain hygiene,
  • long life service (in the case of losing one of the pillar teeth, there is no need to do all the work again, just plug the secondary crown and relieve the denture),
  • in the case of the upper arch the more patient teeth are available, the smaller the prosthesis surface based on it,
  • the better taste sensation.
However, it should be emphasized that the telescopic prosthesis is recommended for patients who do not forget about the daily thorough oral hygiene and regular check-ups are made by the doctor, during which they are also performed hygienic treatments.


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