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What is the Toronto Bridge - a prosthesis fixed on implants

The Toronto Bridge permanent prosthesis was designed and made for the first time in Sweden. It is fixed on implants, previously implanted using the All on 4 © method. It consists mostly of 12 teeth (for 1 arch) connected with a small piece of artificial gum that forms the so-called collar (its features and advantages will be described below). The Toronto Bridge prosthesis is permanently attached to previously implanted implants (which is an advantage over other prosthetic solutions, as most permanent solutions are cemented).

How is Toronto Bridge built?

The internal structure of the prosthesis is made of a mixture of chromium and cobalt, while the casing, i.e. what we see outside, is a composite (possibly acrylic). Thanks to this combination, the Toronto Bridge permanent prosthesis is lightweight, flexible and has the effect of natural teeth. Attaching the Toronto prosthesis immediately after implant placement is possible due to its light weight. Permanent prosthesis on Toronto Bridge implants perfectly simulates natural teeth, and compared to other prosthetic solutions significantly improves chewing and phonetic functions.

Why do we need artificial gums ??

Artificial gum, which is an integral part of the permanent Toronto Bridge prosthesis, has very important functions. First, it eliminates the effect of a ‘long teeth’ smile. Secondly, thanks to the use of this type of "flange", it is easy to ‘cover’ these implants that are not attached axially, at the right angle.
In the All-on-4 method ©, it sometimes happens that the surgeon, in search of the best-quality bone tissue, is forced to implant the implants slightly on the side of the gum. This is not a problem, because artificial gum effectively covers such implant. Patients often worry that artificial gum will be visible when they are smiling broadly. Well, no, because it is located above the line of a smile, that is, even with a wide smile, it has the possibility of finding a place where the artificial gum "comes" onto the real one.

When can you install a permanent Toronto Bridge denture right away?

In some patients, after an implantation using the All-over-4 © method, some time must be allowed to sit for (several months). It is a small group, which includes people with very large bone loss and patients after sinus lift (lifting the sinus). Of course, for the time of waiting for the Toronto Bridge prosthesis, a temporary prosthesis will be provided.


Why in Poland?

Why to choose us for your plastic surgery and dental treatment

1. The costs of the treatment significantly lower than in the UK, without reducing its quality (experienced, professional doctors and hospitals/clinics equipped with the newest technology devices and machines).

2. Reduced waiting time for the procedures with all inclusive packages available.

3. Very convenient travel with direct flights from all over the Europe (and World!) - only less than 2 hours flight from the UK.

4. Perfect place for post-operative recovery with many touristic and quiet places. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

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