Dental Implant

we present a graphic with all on 4 denture and implants for placement

Did you lose all your teeth?

Are you looking for a solution because you are worried about your appearance, you are not smiling enough, you feel unwell, are you ashamed to go out to people and finally, can you not eat what you want?

Medicine has a great solution for you! The modern technique All-on-4Ⓒ helps edentulous patients regain a beautiful smile in just 72 hours.

The method consists in implantation of only 4 implants (in some cases, a better solution is All on 5 or All on 6Ⓒ, depending on the amount of implants needed) and placing the permanent Toronto Bridge prosthesis on them. The advantage of this technology is the ability to implant implants even in patients with bone atrophy within the jaw and/ or jaw without the need for bone transplantation. This innovative method gives hope to many thousands of edentulous patients to recover their entire teeth without having to face a removable denture!
The Toronto Bridge prosthesis is FIXED PERMANENTLY on implants previously implanted with the help of the All on 4Ⓒ technique. Toronto Bridge is a fixed prosthesis, which means that you can not remove it yourself, neither it will fall out by chance, nor it will change its position.

If you have already decided to use the All on 4Ⓒ technique, you must now decide WHERE to do it. The possibility is only one... to find the best quality service and the cheapest at the same time.

As you know, the price for All on 4Ⓒ plays a big role, therefore let's take a look at the offer of All on 4Ⓒ treatments in Poland.
There are many advantages of undergoing the procedure in Poland, as well as there are many clinics here that we cooperate with, of which doctors are the best on the market.

If you are looking for the best price and the highest quality services, we would like to invite you to Czestochowa, Cieszyn or Krakow, where we offer the All on 4Ⓒ method for only 4900 GBP!

This is an ALL INCLUSIVE price, and this means that it already includes:

  • possible removal of teeth (if it is made simultaneously with implants),
  • implant placement,
  • temporary prosthesis, if necessary,
  • permanent Toronto Bridge prosthesis,
  • consultation before
  • and follow up appointments after the procedure.

We understand that sometimes it is not easy to make a decision about a trip abroad for the treatment, but this is not a problem for us! We will be happy to help you in organizing your time here, and we will provide accommodation in the hotel during your stay whilst during treatment in the clinic and all this is included!

For more information, please free to email us on or call us !!


Why in Poland?

Why to choose us for your plastic surgery and dental treatment

1. The costs of the treatment significantly lower than in the UK, without reducing its quality (experienced, professional doctors and hospitals/clinics equipped with the newest technology devices and machines).

2. Reduced waiting time for the procedures with all inclusive packages available.

3. Very convenient travel with direct flights from all over the Europe (and World!) - only less than 2 hours flight from the UK.

4. Perfect place for post-operative recovery with many touristic and quiet places. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

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