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In which cases we can apply inframammary (crease or fold) incision?

Below we will try to introduce you the characteristic of breast enlargement surgery with using inframammary incision.
This technique is nowadays the most used type of incision, primarily because of the ease of performed procedure. We advise against using this technique in patients where below conditions occur:

  • Susceptibility of the breast to the loss of implant,
  • Evident skin flaccidity,
  • Presence of other scars in the breast area.

These are the cases where crease or fold incision should not be generally used, however, in medicine nothing is 100% sure, but it is absolutely natural and we should not be surprised by some extraordinary possibilities.

As in most cases, this type of incision as well, has some pros and cons.

Disadvantages associated with using inframammary incision

As many surgeons that many opinions, therefore you should not be surprised by a different point of view on a particular topic. Indicating all the characteristics of the plastic procedure we try to be as objective as possible, and inform you in the most exhaustive possible way of probable benefits and disadvantages of the breast enlargement surgery.

Main disadvantages are: a relatively long time of scars healing and the incisions used here are bigger in comparison to incisions in other techniques.

Recuperation time is not different to others procedures, but what important is that using this technique causes increased pain afflictions especially in first days, when the incision is still 'fresh' and even the tiniest edge of the bra can increase the pain. Pain is perfectly minimised by painkillers prescribed by the surgeon.

Advantages associated with using inframammary incision.

The main advantage of this technique is an easiness in placing the implant in the location.

Other important factor is that there is no need for moving through the gland zone in order to place and arrange breast implants.

The most important thing is that every case needs to be thoroughly discussed and analysed with the plastic surgeon because only this way it will be possible to give the right diagnosis and select an appropriate technique.

We would also would like to point out that these tips are only informative and the last decision is made by the surgeon, because only the specialist can guarantee you your dreamed breast.

All the information above presents only generalised cases and their task is to help you become more aware of breast enlargement surgery and possibly help you psychologically prepare for the surgery.

In order to find out more information regarding the surgery and everything concerning breast augmentation using crease or fold incision, please feel free to contact us via email or by phone. We will be more than happy to provide you with all the details you need.


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