'Teardrop' breast implants

we present an implant of teardrop (anatomical) shape

Characteristics of anatomical implants.

First thought that comes to every female patient who wants to undergo breast enlargement surgery is what types of implants are on the market.

Below we will try to analyse the argument regarding anatomical type of breast implants by describing their basic characteristics.

Basic characteristic of anatomical breast implants:

  • Asymmetric implants (due to their shape, they are very often described as 'teardrop'),
  • They are filled with gel of a lot of denseness (harder prosthesis in order to maintain perfect breast shape),
  • An improvement in implant structure within past 20 years,
  • In order to strengthen a shell filled with gel, they are also produced from microfibres.

  • We'd need to highlight from the beginning that it is impossible to indicate the best types of implants, because the desirable effect can only be obtained when the proper (most suitable) type of implants will be chosen in the first place.

It is important that the best choise of the most suitable type of implants is made during medical consultation with the surgeon, who, no doubts, will advise on the most suitable size and shape of the breast implants.
Breast enlargement surgery, as all other plastic surgeries, is characterised by its pros and cons. These processes depend on patient's characteristics.

The guarantee depends on the type and the quality of the implant, as we have different implants to choose from (anatomical and round). The difference is from the desirable result that patient would like to achieve.

Disadvantages associated with using anatomical implants.

As many surgeons, that many opinions and arguments on breast enlargement procedures with using anatomical implants.

The main problem that can occur during using this method is a possible displacement of the implant, which in turn can cause an increased visibility of the implants contours. But everything depends on the shape of the implant.

Anatomical implants contain gel with an increased density, by what in contrast to round implants, will never achieve the level of proper softness. Despite the fact that not all of the implants contain gel, the majority of them is made of harder materials, which in result can impede its proper placement as well as the breast incisions can become bigger.

Advantages associated with using anatomical implants.

The advantages are not without meaning here but they become visible already during the process of placing anatomical breast implants. Even though the upper part of the teardrop implants aren't quite as filled out as the round implants, they tend to give greater projection than their round counterparts with the same amount of volume.

Basic benefit from choosing anatomical breast implants is the fact that it gives push up effect, which allows for achieving more natural effect, even in patients whose skin quality is worse.

We would like to point out at the end that all the information on our website is from only generalised cases and their job is to help you in better realisation what the breast enlargement surgery really is, as well as to prepare psychologically any potential patient for the surgery. More information will be provided during medical consultation with the surgeon.

In order to find out more information regarding the surgery and everything concerning breast augmentation using anatomical implants, please feel free to contact us via email on info@doctorpoland.com or by phone on +447365628085. We will be more than happy to provide you with all the details you need.


Why in Poland?

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