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On this website we will explain and analyse alternatives to the widespread breast enlargement procedure. We also need to point out that it is a surgery, of which results can be visible in specified by the surgeon time. It happens that, mistakenly, it is considered as a definitive procedure that fulfills its task until the last days of life.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a desired product among patients, who fear to face a classic procedure of breast enlargement with all the consequences, such as general anesthesia, hospitalisation, implants and everything associated with the surgery.

Breast enlargement procedure using Hyaluronic acid can be used as some kind of test before a classic breast enlargement surgery. It means that, a patient who would like to undergo breast enlargement surgery in the future, instead of using implants, can choose HA product (acid), which has a similar function as breast implants, with a difference that its durability is limited. Usually, breasts can change their volume and shape for around 1,5 year, later though, they return to the previous state with no consequences.

Thus summarizing, Hyaluronic acid is a specific acid which is applied to a patient by the surgeon for enlargement of breast volume.
Patients decide to undergo this procedure when are not convinced for undergoing classic breast enlargement surgery due to the fear and/or uncertainty before the surgery.
An application of hyaluronic acid is aimed at lifting the breast in a specified area for at least 1-1,5 years.

Very often, women after having HA procedure done, not seeing the satisfying effects, decide to undergo a classic breast enlargement procedure. In this case breast implants are used. All the information about types and ways of their application you can read on our website devoted to breast enlargement surgeries.

The main defect of Hyaluronic acid procedure is, without a doubt, its price, due to the fact that the costs of this procedure, comparing to the classic breast enlargement surgery, are much higher.

The durability of this product is less than a year, later on, the hyaluronic acid is absorbed and the breast with no complications returns to its previous condition.

This procedure has no bigger contraindications, on the contrary, in most cases it is performed in the infirmary by using local anesthesia and after a couple of hours the patient is released home.

Minimum of 100 ml of hyaluronic acid is usually applied, however, the amount of the product depends on the size of the procedure and the area which needs to be corrected.
HA is also used in buttocks enlargement procedure or systematizing of bigger wounds and cuts.

Summarizing, a question that comes along is, whom hyaluronic acid procedure is directed to and who it is recommended for?

A perfect patient is in reality a woman, who only wants to perform a small correction of breast with no need for the surgery. Our offer is directed also to women who would like to undergo a procedure using HA in order to see their own body before undergoing a classic breast enlargement surgery and with calm, decide whether to have the classic surgery carried out in later time.

If you are interested in breast enlargement procedure using hyaluronic acid product please feel free to contact us. We will arrange a medical consultation with the plastic surgeon, during which all the issues and details will be discussed. All the essential tests are done onsite. The only thing you need to do is to contact us.

The products used in this procedure are of the highest quality and has a manufacturer guarantee. In case of any questions, we are at your disposal on info@doctorpoland.com or +447365628085.


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