Breast lift and correction

we present a preparation for mastopexy - breast uplift

Mastopexy is aimed at breast reconstruction (lifting), which can be done with or without implants.
About a potential use of implants decides the patient together with the surgeon during the medical consultation.

This type of procedure is usually chosen by women with drooping breasts, caused by breastfeeding or using many different diets which in consequence leads to too rapid weight loss.

The surgery is about removing skin excess from breast area and moving it upwards which gives a natural appearance, 'rejuvenating' the patient at the same time.

General anesthesia is used for mastopexy, despite the fact that many of surgeons do offer local anesthesia. From our point of view, local anesthesia is not too convenient both for the patient and the surgeon.
Nowadays, anesthesiologists do confirm that general anesthesia is very safe and the fear that accompanies the treatment is unjustified. Anyway, this case as well is discusses during the medical consultation.

Breast lift is a type of surgery which allows a quick and smooth return to the normal daily activities.
The hospitalisation lasts around 24 hours and in case of any complications the patient stays under doctor's control until her full recovery. The decision about any possible discharge makes the surgeon.

Problems that can occur after breast lift:

  • Hematomas,
  • Bust drooping,
  • Bleeding.

In case of occuring the above problems, the surgeon together with the medical staff are available to help. We need to add that these types of problems are very rare, however, every patient needs to be aware of pros and cons of mastopexy.
Within next couple of days after the surgery, there will be follow up visits in order to control the process of convalescence.

The sutures used for the surgery are classic or absorbable (this type of sutures is very common and desirable due to the fact that there is no need of their removal).

We do not recommend these surgeries people who suffer from:

  • Cardiopulmonary disease;
  • Thrombocytosis and blood disorders;
  • Other illnesses;
  • People who are influenced by the environment or prevailing fashion (it is FUNDAMENTAL to be 100% sure and ready for the surgery).

More information regarding breast lift:

The techniques of mastopexy blossomed in 50's of 20th century. Later on those methods were constantly improved by adding implants, until today, where we can achieve great results.

Nowadays patients, who decide to undergo mastopexy, are women who wish to lift and fill their breasts. In reality the aim of mastopexy is to correct the breast.

Reasons for women undergoing such operations are generally the loss of skin elasticity, pregnancy, too rapid weight loss and natural aging process.
Thanks to mastopexy surgery the breast become filled and lifted, regaining, at the same time, previously lost elasticity and firmness of the skin.

There are 2 methods of carrying out mastopexy:

    - the first one involves breast correction surgery without using implants,
    - the other one involves using precisely matched breasts implants.
The choice of the implants belongs to the patient together with the surgeon during medical consultation.

Before the surgery:
First of all, it is necessary to choose the most suitable method for patient.
Decision regarding the surgery (possible choice of implants, if this method has been chosen) and all the required medical tests are made during the medical consultation.
It is important to inform the surgeon about any potential medications taken or any treatment.
For mastopexy we advise against to patients who suffer from cardiovascular conditions or blood diseases.
If the patient was previously breastfeeding we do advise to wait a minimum period of 9 months.

Breast lift is performed under general anesthesia through intubating of the patient. This decision, however, will be made at the initial medical consultation with the anesthesiologist.
Mastopexy surgery lasts from 1,5 - 2,5 hours, but its duration depends as well on the potential choice of implants.
In case of occuring any additional health conditions, the surgeon might decide to need an extra specialist being present during the surgery.

After the surgery:
Immediately after the surgery, a special bra needs to be worn and the procedure of wearing it will be precisely determined by the surgeon.
Patient's hospitalisation lasts around 24 hours.
Any decision about discharging the patient is made by the surgeon, after seeing the patient the next day.
Slight pain afflictions in the chest area might be felt by the patient, which are effectively minimised by the antibiotics prescribed to the patient by the doctor. Irritation and delicate bleeding might as well occur.
Scheduled follow up visits are planned after mastopexy.
Two types of sutures might be used: traditional sutures (removed by the doctor afterwards) or absorbable sutures (no need for doctor's intervention, as they disappear themselves).

Questions and doubts:
No surgeon can guarantee that the patient will be 100% happy and satisfied with the results of the surgery. Every specialist's work is based on his own experience and professionalism, but the effects of the surgery can sometimes not go together with the expectations.
Every surgery needs to be certified, meaning confirmed that it had been performed with all rules and regulations, but the satisfaction can depend on other factors, not necessarily related to medical aspects.
This must be said in order to indicate pros and cons before the surgery.


  • Will I be able to breastfeed again after mastopexy?

  • Of course yes. However, there are special cases which will be discussed with the surgeon during medical consultation.

  • When will I be able to return to my normal life?

  • During first 2-3 days after the surgery, a lot of rest is advised and avoidance of excessive effort.
    Within next days after the surgery (10-15 days), a feeling of slight pain is possible in the area of chest, especially when moving arms. Small swelling and hematomas might be visible as well.
    Professional activity can be taken after 7 to 12 days afterwards.
    Of course, during the recuperation, the patient needs to remember about wearing a special bra recommended by the surgeon. In case when using implants the recuperation might last longer.

  • If and when will I be able to return to sport?

  • After mastopexy the patient can return to sport after 6-7 days, however when choosing the method with implants, sport will be put aside for a bit longer.

  • Can I sunbath after mastopexy?

  • Of course yes, but the surgeon decides how long the patient needs to stay away from the sun (usually few weeks).

  • When do I see the final effect of mastopexy surgery?

  • Everything will depend on the type of procedure. If the implants will be used, the time lengthens and it will be around 3 to 4 months.

    In order to find out more information regarding the surgery and everything concerning breast lift, please feel free to contact us via email or by phone. We will be more than happy to provide you with all the details you need.

In order to find out more information regarding the surgery and everything concerning lower eyelid correction, please feel free to contact us via email or by phone. We will be more than happy to provide you with all the details you need.


Why in Poland?

Why to choose us for your plastic surgery and dental treatment

1. The costs of the treatment significantly lower than in the UK, without reducing its quality (experienced, professional doctors and hospitals/clinics equipped with the newest technology devices and machines).

2. Reduced waiting time for the procedures with all inclusive packages available.

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4. Perfect place for post-operative recovery with many touristic and quiet places. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

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