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Subglandular technique - "Over the muscle"

 presenting female breast augmentation

In which case this technique can be used?

All the profits and disadvantages of using subglandular technique ("Over the muscle" technique) can be found below.

We do realise that this type of technique has as many followers as well as that many opponents, however, doubtlessly, it is one of the most performed and recommended technique due to its great final effect.

Why is this technique of breast enlargement surgery taken negatively by many female patients?

It is very difficult to give a specific answer to this question. In our opinion a reason for its 'famous negative opinion' is internet.
On many internet forums people do argue and advise others without having any correct knowledge whatsoever regarding this or even any other matters.

It is true that very often our new patients, without any initial medical consultation, come to us with a negative opinion about a subglandular technique of breast enlargement surgery and they think, this technique is nearly 100% not right for them.
All the knowledge about this technique is taken from the internet but they might not know that characteristic and breast morphology is different in every woman and therefore maybe this type of technique, after taking into consideration many different factors, will be recommended by the plastic surgeon.

Of course 'better' does not mean the only one.
There are however 3 types of techniques for placing the implants (subglandular, submuscular, dual plane), which due to their functions and application are recommended to patients with specific characteristic.

All the information about the choice of right technique as well as about pros and cons, will be provided during the medical consultation with the plastic surgeon.

We will now try and analyse this technique for you in order to get a better view.

Advantages associated with using subglandular technique.

It is important to highlight that in postoperative period, wound healing process proceeds without any major problems, which is in many cases confirmed by our patients. Pain afflictions associated with using subglandular technique for breast enlargement surgery are quite slight.

Such implant placement technique (above the muscle and below the glands) allows surgeons for enlarging the breasts for the particular size, and what is also very important, positioning of breast implants due to the desire to enlarge a specific place.

Third main reason for using this technique is low risk of breast deformation during a convalescence process, minimizing to nearly a zero the need of re-performing the procedure in the near future.

Of course, it is very essential to mention that using this technique involves having a foreign matter in the breasts. The thickness of skin and proper amount of the gland influence the size of applied implant. It is very important to avoid so called rippling fenomen (the implant becomes visible under the skin).

Disadvantages associated with using subglandular technique.

The main ones are:

  • The risk of rippling fenomen (visible implants under the skin),
  • Increased risk of displacement of implants,
  • Quite fast process of breast drooping

In our opinion it is very important to make our clients aware of both pros and cons associated with particular technique. We do not want such situation that our clients base their opinions only on what can be found in the internet.

In summary:

  • Rippling: For the past few years, a very low percentage of visible breast implants has been noted,
  • The risk of breast displacement: From the theoretical point of view, every type of applied technique could influence on breast implants displacement. When such problem occurs after using round implants, the patient does not see any difference due to their round shape. The problem is when any slight displacement occurs after using anatomical implants. Even if the situation does happen, nowadays it only affects 1% of patients.
  • Quite fast process of breast drooping: This state is usually influenced by previous pregnancies or big fluctuations of body weight.

  • In order to find out more information regarding the surgery and everything concerning subglandular technique for breast augmentation, please feel free to contact us via email or by phone. We will be more than happy to provide you with all the details you need.


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