Techniques of implants placement

we present 2 techniques of breast implants placement

Nowadays there are many different methods on the market of carrying out breast enlargement surgery.
Among them we can distinguish at least 3 types of incisions that are used:

  • Inframammary Incision (crease or fold incision)
  • Periareolar Incision (nipple incision)
  • Transaxillary Incision (armpit incision)

Periareolar incision (nipple incision).

This type of an incision is very often desired and appreciated by patients due to the fact that incisions are done around the nipple which makes them nearly invisible and in consequence might be well hidden. This technique allows using implants which makes it convenient both for the patient and the surgeon.
The number of procedures performed by using this incision is almost identical to the one with the fald or crease incision.

Many surgeons choose this type of incision due to a great number of satisfied clients.

Inframammary incision (fald or crease incision)

This technique is at the moment the most popular one and the most used technique in breast enlargement surgeries.
It is characterised by an incision along the breast fald, which makes it nearly invincible (it is hidden under the skin below the breast).
Implants placement is very easy here, because making an incision by the surgeon allows easy insertion of the implant directly in a desired area.
The sutures used are usually traditional or absorbable (the selection depends on the surgeon). The scar after the procedure is small and well hidden under the skin.
This technique is the most popular one, which means it is recommended to all patients.
The surgeon makes a decision about the technique selection during the medical consultation based on its suitability to an individual patient.

Transaxillary Incision (armpit incision)

Armpit incision is an innovative way of performing breast enlargement surgery.
The surgeons have chosen this area due to its location (close to breast and proper morphological connection with the breast), as well as easiness in hiding any potential scars formed post surgery.
Tis technique is not practised by the majority of surgeon due to its complexity of the procedure. Specialisation and appropriate practice is essential in performing the surgery with this method due to the fact, that surgeon has no direct access to the area where the implant needs to be inserted.

We already have explained what is the way of inserting the implants, but it is also essential to know in what place exactly.

Generally we can distinguish 3 techniques for breast implants placement:

  • Subglandular,
  • Submuscular,
  • Dual plane.


This type of technique is still in use by many surgeons despite its smaller than earlier popularity.
This technique involves placing the implant below the gland, but above the muscle.
An absolute advantage of using this technique is primarily smaller pain (sometimes even no pain) after the surgery. Another advantage is inserting the implant directly in a desired place, short convalescence process (final effect noticeable quite fast afterwards) and natural looking breasts as well.

A disadvantage of this technique is a slight possibility to observe deformation of implants over time (contours visible). It does occur very rarely but the patient needs to be aware of the pros as well as cons of the breast enlargement surgery.
Very often the patient decides herself about implant's location because as we know the breast do change over time.

All the detailed information will be provided by the surgeon during medical consultation.


This type of implants placement is very popular in women who has so called 'thin skin'. As the name says it all, the implant is inserted below the breast muscle.
The biggest advantage of this method is a natural look of breasts (the contours of implants not visible) and lower risk of implant rejection.
As for disadvantages, we have here longer convalescence period and the risk of lowering the implants with time.


It is in some sense a happy medium that has been found by surgeons in breast enlargement surgeries.
A part of a implant is inserted under the muscle, and the whole rest - under the gland. An absolute advantage of this technique is the most natural looking breast.
This technique is, however, not the best one, because only a surgeon, leaning on his own experience, can match a suitable technique to patient's needs.
The way of performing the procedure and the method of implants insertion is determined during medical consultation with a surgeon.

Breast augmentation surgery using own fat.

It is a new technique involving a surgery without using implants, but using own fat.
First procedure of this type was first performed in USA and is aimed at grafting own fat from one or few areas by using small liposuction.
This new method does not leave any scars or deformations on patient's body and can be treated as an alternative to a traditional breast enlargement surgery.

Breast enlargement surgery using own fat, has no such properties as methods in which implants are used, due to:

  • Low number of such operations performed,
  • Breast enlargement using this method will never fill the breast to the same degree, as a procedure with using implants,
  • Breast enlargement using this method will never cause such breast lift as with used implants,
  • Requirement that needs to be met is enough amount of body fat which has to be used for the procedure,
  • It is thought that the fat used for the procedure can in later times can make breast more difficult to be read at mammography correctly.

This method is more about small correction of breasts.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, regarfing fat transfer breast augmentation:

  • How is the procedure carried out?

  • In a first stage the surgeon carries out a small liposuction sucking fat from indicated earlier parts of the body.
    Next stage involves clearing the fat from blood using specialised devices, as well as injecting fat in series in a desired area.

  • To whom it is recommended?

  • Due to its complexity, breast enlargement surgery with fat transfer is recommended to patients, who only want a small improvement of their appearance (correction of asymmetry).
    Surgeons do recommend undergoing traditional surgery (with implants) due to its universality of performance and experience of the surgeon.
    If you are interested in fat transfer breast enlargement surgery, please do contact us by phone or email in order to make an initial consultation with the plastic surgeon.

  • When do I see final effect?

  • The final effect will be visible only after 2 months. In theory, the fat transfered to breasts should stay in the body for the entire life, but the exact determination of time is not possible to set exact time due to its innovativity.

In order to find out more information regarding the surgery and everything concerning techniques of breast placements and types of incisions, please feel free to contact us via email or by phone. We will be more than happy to provide you with all the details you need.


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