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Breast enlargement prices:

The prices of breast enlargement depend on many different factors.

One of them is definitely the country where the procedure will be performed. There are countries where the operations are very cheap and it is explained by general price policy in these countries, however you will have to add the costs of the travel outside of Europe etc.

Iit can also differ depending on a clinic, doctor's experience, services included and the breast enhancement cost. The boob job price can be different in the clinics within the country. This is due to prestige, international recongition, numerous certificates or a lot of positive reviews from the patients.

Next big factor in the price it the type of breast implants. There are different breast implants manufactures that exist on the market like SEBBIN, Allergan, Mentor which have their own prices.

And last but not least, the patient can choose anatomical or round type of implant and it will involve different cost as well. Some patients are prescribed silicone ones or with saline. Necessity of breast lift. Sometimes, the breast enlargement can be combined with the breast lift to achieve better esthetic results, this surgery will be of course more expensive.

Some clinics offer free transfers and language assistance, but in some cases these services are not included therefore always make sure you find out everything that is included from the clinic of your choice, before making an appointment.

There are some examples of the cost of breast enlargement in different countries, however please have in mind the costs are only aproximate and may vary.

  • UK 4670 7000 GBP
  • Turkey 2500 3500 GBP
  • Switzerland 8000 10.000 GBP
  • Spain 3600 5000 GBP
  • Poland 2700 3500 GBP
  • France 3700 4800 GBP
  • USA 4500 7000 GBP

  • Prices of tummy tuck:

    Tummy tuck costs can range from 2500 11.000 GBP, depending on many different factors, such as the location, the surgeon, the type tummy tuck that needs to be performed. Let's list some main factors:

    the prices can vary depending on chosen location, however even within the country the prices of tummy tuck can be different

    the price can be more expensive in the clinics where the surgeons are more recognised and have more experience or the clinics have more prestige.

    The next big factor that can affect the price is the type of the procedure that will need to be performed. Some patients have only a small amount of skin excess and mini abdominoplasty in this case will be sufficient. However, there are patients with more skin excess and there is a necessity of fat liposuction there in such case full abdominoplasty with liposuction will need to be performed and this procedure will be more expensive.

    Sometimes women, especially after the child births or huge weight gain, need to have abdominal muslces repaired. This condition is called diastasis recti and occurs when the abdominal muscles separate, caused by overstretching of these muscles (multiple pregnacies or large weight gain). Additional costs will be added in such case.

    Different clinics have different services included, therefore it is highly recommended to check what is offered in order to find the best abd affordable pride for tummy tuck.

    The examples of the prices for Tummy Tuck (some services might not be included):

  • Greece 3200 4000 GBP
  • Turkey 2500 3200 GBP
  • Poland 2500 3200 GBP
  • Thailand 2800 4000 GBP
  • Mexico 3500 4900 GBP
  • UK 4500 7000 GBP
  • USA start from 5500 GBP.

  • Prices for rhinoplasty:

    Getting a rhinoplasty ('nose job') is a big decision with many factors to consider and you want to make sure that you are getting the best procedure possible, with an experienced surgeon but also low cost for the high quality.

    Let's see some factors that affect the price of a nose job:

    country where the procedure will be performed. There are countries where the procedure will be cheaper, but is it worth traveling outside of Europe? What if the correction will be needed? The same travel to 'Thailand' again?

    More experienced and prestiged surgeon are more expensive. More recognised clinics have higher costs, not only for the proedure itself but also for the post operative care functional rhinoplasties performed due to deviated septum (involving moderating the internal structures to improve breathing problems could be more expesive, however on the other hand they might be covered by medical insurance.

    The techniqe of rhinoplasty affects the cost of the procedure, meaning that if closed rhinoplasty will not be sufficient to help the patient, the surgeon will need to choose an open rhinoplasty which carry more expensive costs.

    There are different factors that affect the price as we see above and please make sure you find out all the information before travelling for the procedure to avoid any surprises.

    Some examples of the costs of rhinplasty in different countires (some services might not be included in the total cost):

  • UK 4500 7000 GBP
  • Australia 4000 12000 GBP (5000 15 000 USD)
  • France 4000 5200 GBP
  • Spain 2500 3500 GBP
  • Poland 2400 3000 GBP
  • Switzerland 6000 7700 GBP
  • Ukraine 4300 5100 GBP
  • Turkey 2100- 2900 GBP

  • The prices of Gynecomastia:

    Generally, the gynecomastia surgery depend upon the service and the location the patient opts for. If you are a good candidate to undergo a male breast reduction surgery, please see below what are the factors affectig the price for the procedure:

    location is probably the main factor. In countries such as Canada, USA, Mexico, UK Switzerland the cost will be much higher, therefore sometimes it might be better to look for the procedure abroad

    as gynecomastia surgery price belongs to pretty low cost ones, the patient needs to understand that it is important to follow doctor's recommendations afterwards, such as regular exercise, not to use steroids or other substances that cause male breast to grow, diminish smoking etc. If the patient does not follow the recommendations he is exposed to the correction of the procedure, which carry more costs involved.

    The cost of the surgery also depends on the treatment method. If the patient needs only liposuction of the breast it will not have so much costs included. However, if there is a necessity of chest skin removal, the cost then will be increased. The patient needs to know that sometimes it is advised to have the skin removed, not to be left with the excess of it drooping after the procedure.

    The final cost of the gynecomastia affects the type of anesthesia or sedation chosen

    Please see below some examples of the cost of gynecomastia in different countries:

  • Hungary from 1700 2200 GBP
  • Thailand 1700 - 3000 GBP and above
  • Mexico from 2600 GBP
  • Germany 3000 -3200 GBP
  • Poland 1750 2000 GBP
  • UK/ Ireland 3500 5500 GBP
  • USA from 3000 GBP

  • Facelift prices?

    The cost range of facelift can vary by more than 7.000 GBP depennding on patients choices.

    The price depends on the location chosen by the patient. The country and even the area within the country can affect the price of the facelit.

    A facelift procedure typically lifts the cheeks and neck, therefore brow and eyelid surgeries aren't usually included in the facelift. If the patient requires eyes procedure in addition, the price will then increase accordingly. Also if the patient needs injectable fillers, laser treatments and lipofiller (facial fat transfer) it then does make the cost for the procedure more expensive.

    Not always full facelift is required. In such cases mini facelift can do the job. It is similar to a facelift , but less extensive. A mini facelift focuses on the cheeks and jowls and is less expensive, taking less recovery time as well

    more experienced and prestiged surgeons will charge more for the procedure

    hospitals fees are higher than those of outpatients clinics, therefore having a facelift in a clinic instead can save you some more money. Make sure though the clinic meets all the health and safety criteria.

    The cost of the surgery depends on what is included. Sometimes the cost might look cheaper at a first glance, but later all the other cost not included (on purpose) in the beginning will make the final quote much higher, therefore make sure you will find it out beforehand The final cost of the facelift affects the type of anesthesia or sedation chosen

    Please see below some examples of the cost of facelift in different countries (additional services might not be included):

  • France 5000 6500 GBP
  • Greece 3200 4100 GBP
  • Spain 4300 5200 GBP
  • Turkey 2600 3300 GBP
  • Poland 1700 2950 GBP
  • Lithuania 3100 3800 GBP
  • UK up to 10.000 GBP
  • USA 5500 8000 GBP

  • Eyelid (upper and lower) prices

    What is the cost for eyelid correction and what does it depend on?

    The cost of eyelid surgery, oficially known as blepharoplasty, depends primarly on the extent of the surgery.

    Lower eyelid surgery is usually more expensive than upper eyelid surgery, due to the fact it being more intricate involving skin and fat removal, however if both surgeries are perfromed together, some surgeons might offer a discounted price

    a surgery performed by a specialist surgeon an oculoplastic (surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery) will usually cost more than the procedure done by a general plastic surgeon the price will also depend on patient's goal if there is a necessity to perform browlift at the same time for maximal longevity of results the price will then increase

    most eyelid surgeries are perfrormed in surgeon's clinic with local anesthesia and oral sedatives, however if there is a need of more complicated procedures, then general anesthesia might be used which makes the cost of the procedure more expensive

    most clinics offer 'all iclusive' packages, which covers surgery, facility, post operative care, sometimes transfers, accommodation and assistance. So make sure you are clear exactly of what is the fee and what it includes.

    Sometimes the lowest price might not mean the greatest offer. Do not forget that you have only one set of eyes and the eyelid procedure requires experience, skills, patientce and attention to detail.

    How much can eyelid surgery cost across some countries:

  • Belgium 1600 2300 GBP
  • Czech Republic 700 1200 GBP
  • France 3000 3900 GBP
  • Poland 1050 2400 GBP
  • Spain 2400 3100 GBP
  • Turkey 1800 2300 GBP
  • Ukraine 1400 2000 GBP
  • USA 1600 3800 GBP
  • UK 2000 6000 GBP

  • Otoplasty cost involve:

    When it comes to costs of surgery, there may be many 'variables' involved:

    of course the main factor when it comes to costs is the specific surgeon's credentials/experience level as well as the location the patient is looking at (even within the country there might be a huge differences in the prices)

    the surgery can be performed on adults and children, therefore very often depending on the severity of the ear correction, the heath insurance will pay part or all of the costs for children under the age of 12 years.

    the goal of ear correction is to provide lasting correction of ear prominence or ear asymmetry so that the ears are evenly positioned closer to the scalp. Sometimes the procedure require more work therefore in such cases the price can be higher

    the procedure requires local anesthesia, but experience shows that most patients wish to get general anesthesia or conscious sedation, due to the fear from the operation. In such cases, of course with the consent of the surgeon and anesthesiologist, deeper anesthesia is used what changes the cost.

  • Greece 2000 2500 GBP
  • Spain 1700 - 2200 GBP
  • USA 3000 3800 GBP
  • UK 2500 4000 GBP
  • Ireland 2600 3000 GBP
  • Poland 1000 1200 GBP
  • Thailand 1000 1800 GBP
  • Turkey 1600 2100 GBP

  • Liposuction prices

    Liposuction, also referred as 'lipo' is a comsetic suurgery to remove fat deposits. It may be performed to correct the particular area or areas, such as belly, thighs, hips, arms etc and its price can depend on:

    the chosen clinic/ country/ surgeon even the prices within the country can vary, therefore it is best to do some research before choosing

    the more experienced surgeon, the higher the price. The more centered location of the clinic, the higher the price everything should be taken into consideration when choosing the surgeon and the clinic

    the price of liposuction depends on the size of the procedure. One area of liposuction will be cheaper than 2 or more. However, the more areas chosen, the price for each area is cheaper. This is apparent that patient cannot wish a liposuction of the whole body or more than 3 areas as this gets very dangerous to patient's health. The decision of the size of liposuction will be discussed with your surgeon during consultation.

    The price will depend as well on the method and anesthesia chosen

    also, the lipo cost may be affected by additional charges, such as transfers, accommodation etc.

    Everybody should remember that liposuction is not a cure for obesity! You need to keep a diet and exercise regularly for preserving the results!

    The cost of the procedure can start from (depending on the areas chosen):

  • Czech Republic from 1500 GBP
  • Turkey from 1500 GBP
  • India from 1900 GBP
  • Thailand from 2000 GBP
  • Germany from 5500 GBP
  • UK from 2000 6000 GBP
  • Poland from 1700 GBP
  • USA from 2600 5000 GBP

  • Labiaplasty prices

    Labiaplasty or labia reduction surgery is one of the vaginal rejuvenation surgeries aimed at reducing the length of labia minora and its price can depend on:

    the location chosen - the country. The procedure can be cheaper in countries such as Turkey, but also the prices in Europe can vary from country to country the surgeon. Very often more experienced and prestiged surgeon with great reviews will charge patients much more, as well if the clinic is in the fantastic busy location the prices will be higher then.

    The type of anesthesia. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, however as we all known it can be less comfortable to the patients as well as the surgeon. Very often deep sedation in hospitals is offered to patients. In such cases the price for the procedure is more expensive than when using only local anesthesia

    the complexity of the procedure. In some cases, labiaplasty will not be sufficient and the patient will need to undergo vaginoplasty, which requires additional costs

    Please see some examples of the costs in different countries (some additional services might not be included):

    Hungary 1000 1200 GBP Spain 2300 2900 GBP Thailand 1500 2200 GBP Turkey 1100 1400 GBP Switzerland 2600 3400 GBP UK 2000 3000 GBP Poland 990 - 1300 GBP USA 3000 4500 GBP

    Chin prices

    Nowadays men and women complain about prominent or weak chin. Others are unhappy about an overly long or a short face, or lack of symmetry. Chin correction procedure can help them solve these problems so let's see what the price of the surgery can depend on:

    the location chosen - the country. The procedure can be cheaper in countries such as Turkey, but also the prices in Europe can vary from country to country

    the surgon who will be performing the procedure more experienced surgeons, especially specialists in Maxilio Facial surgery will be much more expensive

    the type of the procedure and method chosen. Some patients will need only a slight correction, others will need chin reduction or some others will require chin augmentation and in such case chin implants are essential, which carry larger costs (chin implants have to be individually measured and made, therefore sometimes the costs can be really expensive). Another way of augmenting a chin is by moving the chin bone forward, or by transplanting bone from another area onto the chin.

    The price will also look different if other services are included, such as accommodation, transfers, pot operative care etc. Please make sure you always check what the package include not to have any surprises when you arrive in for your treatment

    Please see some examples of the costs in different countries (some additional services or implants might not be included):

  • Belgium from 5100 GBP
  • USA 2500 7000 GBP
  • UK from 5000 - 9700 GBP
  • Ireland from 5000 GBP

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